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Giant Bombcast 546: Declaration of Hot Dogs

2018-08-21 44:27 Giant Bombcast

Noted European Gary Whitta stops by to help us make sense of Gamescom, esports careers, Windjammers 2 (?!?), expensive graphics cards, the future fate of Alameda, and the best misters.

Quick Look: Guacamelee! 2

2018-08-21 25:35 Quick Looks

Return for both the Guac and the Melee, and this time bring some friends along!

Quick Look: Death's Gambit

2018-08-18 27:01 Quick Looks

Brad and Jeff make a deal with Death, but forget to include a big enough endurance meter.

We Unbox the Translucent PlayStation 4 Pro

2018-08-17 10:16 Features

Jeff and Brad take a look through their new PlayStation to find out if it is a PlayStation. Full transparency: it is.

Quick Look: State of Mind

2018-08-17 51:04 Quick Looks

Future Vinny loves two things: his headphones and hacking.

Quick Look: Unavowed

2018-08-16 29:46 Quick Looks

Butt Buttson: Demon Hunter, reporting for doodie.

Quick Look: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

2018-08-15 39:49 Quick Looks

Rorie, Brad, and Jeff return to Azeroth to give the last word on Warcraft.

Giant Bombcast 545: School Meat

2018-08-14 54:27 Giant Bombcast

This week we climb into the gnomish time machine to discuss Battle for Azeroth, talk through the Doom Eternal and Red Dead 2 game reveals, ponder the asset-thieving weirdness of Jazztronauts, and figure out the best way to open a door!

Ranking of Fighters 0019: Deadliest Warriors: Legends & Sonic the Fighters

2018-08-13 05:03 Features

Not even sickness can stop the science!

Quick Look: We Happy Few

2018-08-12 34:06 Quick Looks

There are a lot of things that are preventing Dan from becoming one of the happy few, but the safe money is on those faces.