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Ranking of Fighters 0033: Fighter's History & Blood Warrior

2019-03-25 52:20 Features

There's always time for a quick history lesson before we apply some science!

Quick Look: Golf Peaks

2019-03-24 12:59 Quick Looks

Watch as Dan, Abby, and Alex breeze their way through this relaxing golf puzzler.

Quick Look: Blaster Master Zero 2

2019-03-23 39:10 Quick Looks

Jeff and Brad hop into a tank and chase after their pet frog!

Quick Look: One Piece: World Seeker

2019-03-23 33:07 Quick Looks

YO! Ya-yo, ya-yo! Dreamin'! Don't give it up, Jan! Dreamin'! Don't give it up, Ben!

Best of Giant Bomb: 164 - Resident Evil 2

2019-03-23 25:45 Best of Giant Bomb

These are the eye-popping highlights of Abby and the GB East crews full playthrough of Resident Evil 2.

Quick Look: Cuphead [Switch]

2019-03-22 21:59 Quick Looks

Cuphead is on the Switch and it's as good as ever! Except now you should have a character called "ToGoCupGuy."

Quick Look: RICO

2019-03-22 35:00 Quick Looks

A procedurally generated shooter with the aesthetics of Gotti and the physics of Gumby? Sign me up!

Giant Bomb Makes Mario Again II

2019-03-21 57:59 Features

We started with a lesson on hygiene and ended up with the anatomy of HELL!

Breakfast 'N' Ben - Battle? I'll Pass. 03/20/19

2019-03-21 05:54 Features

Things are heating up in King's Canyon, and it's up to us to cool it down.

Quick Look: Dawn of Man

2019-03-21 34:39 Quick Looks

Join the GBE crew as we travel back in time to the Paleolithic Era and learn a thing or two about history along the way.