Video Game Reviews (Score High-Low)

Battlefield: Bad Company

2008-07-06 Xbox 360

Bad Company's pro-explosion agenda makes its solo and multiplayer components markedly better than they would be otherwise.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

2013-03-16 PC

If you're still at all invested in keeping up with StarCraft II, there's no reason you shouldn't have Heart of the Swarm.


2014-02-07 PC

Jazzpunk is beautiful, beguiling nonsense.

Rhythm Heaven

2009-04-03 Nintendo DS

Rhythm Heaven's quirky minigames keep you guessing while giving you plenty of things to do and plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

Gears of War 3

2011-09-15 Xbox 360

Gears of War 3 is a fantastic follow-up that answers important questions about the nature of the Gears universe while backing it all up with an even bigger, better multiplayer suite.

Bayonetta 2

2014-10-13 Wii U

Platinum Games' sequel delivers nuanced, non-stop action that stands among the best in its genre.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

2009-09-01 Xbox 360

Arkham Asylum is a very nasty place, but Rocksteady gives you enough tools to make foiling the Joker's latest plot thrilling from start to finish.


2015-09-25 PC

Undertale combines charming characters, smart writing, and a unique combat system to make one of this fall's biggest surprises.

Rayman Origins

2012-02-16 PlayStation Vita

The Vita version of Rayman: Origins may lack a few of the mechanical touches of its console brethren, but in terms of sheer beauty and fun, little is lost in translation.


2016-06-28 Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4

Playdead's followup to Limbo expands on and improves all of that game's ideas so thoroughly, there's no question why it took six years to get here.