Ancients Reborn

A mobile MMO with a classic feel and addictive gameplay.

Ancients Reborn is a 3D open world MMORPG with a fantasy theme, and brings back the classic old school 3D MMORPG style that is very reminiscent of early MMOs. It therefore has a very nostalgic feel and play style.

Character progression can be done via skill training and combat leveling. Skills include mining, metallurgy (smelting), crafting, equipment enhancing, fishing and cooking. All of these skills help players become stronger.

Ancients Reborn features a leaderboard of several skills, meaning players can specialise in a certain skill to obtain a single spot, or focus on combat and PvP to get a prestigious spot on that board. Socialising is done via a well made chat system, which allows a global chat, nearby chat and private chat with friends.

Players are able to explore a large open world and underground dungeons at their own leisure - no need to wait in order to get to a certain place and perform tasks. Ancients Reborn allows complete freedom on the map without any limits.