DigitalDNA Zombies

Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game by DigitalDNA Games


DigitalDNA Zombies is a multiplayer coop third person zombie survival shooter which takes place in an abstract destructible procedurally generated world. The game is developed and published by DigitalDNA Games for the Xbox One Creators Collection.


One to four players can cooperatively play via local multiplayer. Player choose one of four classes, infantry, gunner, sniper or scout, each with different abilities. The infantry class has an assault rifle with a three round burst. The gunner has a fully auto heavy machine gun, albeit fairly inaccurate and a noticeably slower run speed. The sniper has a powerful rifle with a laser site on it, and the scout has a shotgun. Together the players work cooperatively to move from safe room to safe room. If a single player makes it to the safe room, the other players have a chance to respawn and play again in the next round.

The world is an abstract black and white world, with soft shadows everywhere. Many of the objects in the world are destructible, and there are exploding objects and battlefield pickups. The world is very large and randomly generated each time the player plays.