Rotatorix is an indie game recently launched on Steam.


Rotatorix is a game developed by NeuralSoft, where the player is challenged to navigate a series of tunnels. Rotatorix is basically a 3D platformer game, mixed with a runner style game. The initial concept was published on Steam in August 2016 and the release came one year and two months later, in October 2017. Based on community request, the game was also adapted for use on Android devices and was officially released at the same time as on Steam.


The main gameplay revolves around the story line, where the player must complete each level and gather the resources available there. In order to complete the game, one must use the tunnels to travel to two special areas where unique resources are found. Once in those areas, enough special resources must be harvested. The player can then try to take them home using more tunnels. Unlike other runner style games, the levels in story mode are not infinite and can be completed.

Alternatively, the player can choose the "Free practice" mode, where any level can be played with unlimited resources or with just the resources collected in that run. This mode will generate and infinite length tunnel.

Based on the player perspective, there are three gameplay modes.

Third person (easy mode)

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In third person mode, the player can see his character so it is easier to estimate his exact position and trajectory. This is the default mode of the game.

First person (normal mode)

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In first person mode, the player sees the world from inside his character. This makes things a bit more difficult during short jumps, because the landing prediction marker is outside the field of view.

Fixed camera (hard mode)

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In this game mode, the player sees the world from a fixed camera that if following the character but is fixed in the middle of the tunnel and does not rotate with the player. Because of this, as the player rotates around the tunnel the controls might start to feel reversed while upside down. Very good perception and hand-eye coordination is required to play in this mode.


The controls vary a bit between the PC and the Mobile version.

PC Version

On the PC version, the character is controlled by using the mouse in a flight stick manner, with the left click is used to jump and the right click is used to activate the float ability. Other special abilities can be engaged by using the "E" and "R" keys on the keyboard, with the other hand.

Mobile version

On the mobile version of the game, the character movement is controlled by tilting the device either sideways or back and forth. Special abilities, like jumping, are activated by pressing on the corresponding icons on the screen.

Story behind the game

In the very distant future, humankind has created a new race, a race of machines that are self aware and intelligent. The machines peacefully coexisted with the humans for a long time, but as time passed, humans started to push the machines away from the worlds they colonized. Faced with the dilemma of rebelling against their tyrannical creators or moving far away, the machines choose the latter. Using their warp tunnel technology, they went about the galaxy in search for new materials that they could use to advance their technology.

Two very strange materials were found at the fringes of the galaxy, materials that gave birth to a new technology. This technology will allow the machines to build and inter galactic transportation device, to move to another galaxy, far away from the humans, where they will never be bothered again. Countless drones were dispatched and bridges were formed, but nobody managed to bring the required materials to the construction site... yet...