Arms is a fighting sports game for the Nintendo Switch from Mario Kart producer Kosuke Yabuki.

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Nintendo has developed and published its first fighting game ever. The game was released June 16, 2017 worldwide. Nintendo’s take on the fighting game genre, of course, does things a little differently, up to four players can battle in a 3D arena using an eclectic cast of characters. The characters are equipped with a variety of extendable arms, which feel like loadouts, that increase the strategy of each fight.

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Arms features thirteen fighters, some of which are downloadable content. Each fighter starts with three sets of original arms. The player can unlock the other sets of arms for any character to use by earning coins in a variety of modes. Each fighter has their own style and they all have their own rush attack that they can use when their attack meter is full. The player can also charge their attacks for added damage and other effects. The player can change character abilities and arms for different strategies to help them overcome opponents.

Joy-Con motion controls and standard button controls can be used as well as the use of the Pro controller. Each arm has independent controls with a variety of input choices available to the player.

Grand Prix is the standard “story” mode in Arms. Here the player fights ten matches versus the computer to obtain the belt. There is also an offline Versus mode and Battle modes. There are also online matches but the player must complete level four of the Grand Prix before that option will open in the main menu.


Spring Man

Ribbon Girl


Master Mummy

Min Min



Byte & Barq

Kid Cobra


DLC Chracters:

Max Brass

Lola Pop