Destiny 2

The full-fledged follow-up to Destiny, streamlining much of the previous game's mechanics while featuring larger worlds and new abilities.


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Destiny 2 is a sci-fi open-world first-person shooter developed by Bungie (in conjunction with Vicarious Visions and High Moon) and published by Activision for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6, 2017. It will be released for the PC on October 24, 2017 as the first third-party title for Blizzard's service.

It is the sequel to the 2014 game Destiny and is set one year after the events of the Rise of Iron expansion. The Cabal Red Legion, commanded by Dominus Ghaul, have invaded the Last City in an attack that stripped the Guardians of their powers. As one of the few Guardians remaining, the player must now find a new way to acquire their powers, reform the Vanguard, and take back the Last City.

The game received some beta testing periods, one for console (from July 18, 2017 to July 25, 2017) and one for PC (from August 28, 2017 to August 31, 2017). Those who have pre-ordered received exclusive early access to the beta.


The three main classes of Guardians return from the original Destiny. However, their upgrade and sub-class systems have changed significantly. Instead of a sub-class with eight tiers of modifiers, players instead start with an upgrade for the Movement Ability, Grenade Type, and new Class Ability (with most options locked with an "upgrade point" system and/or level lock) and can use upgrade points to specialize in one of two sets of abilities (each providing different series of buffs and unique Melee Abilities). Unlike the original Destiny, there are no modifiers for the player's main stats (Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery) and no separate modifier for the super ability.

The game's prologue has players start with either the Gunslinger, Striker, or Voidwalker sub-class. Once the player's Guardian "loses their Light", they lose their class-specific abilities (including mid-air movement and the ability to throw grenades) until a certain point in the story (which gives them the Arcstrider, Sentinel, or Dawnblade sub-class). By playing through the game, players can unlock additional sub-classes through special quests that can only be reached at certain player levels.

Character inventories and progression are not carried over from the original Destiny, although character appearances can be transferred if they reached level 20 and completed the Black Garden mission.


The most agile class of the three, Hunters are former scavengers and can be recognized by their hooded capes and light, fitted armor.

Their unique ability is the Dodge, which allows them to quickly evade attacks in a daring roll or dash maneuver. Players can choose from either Marksman Dodge (which also automatically reloads the player's equipped weapon) or Gambler's Dodge (which can also generate Melee Attack energy if done in close proximity to an enemy).

Their movement options involve double-jumping. These include High Jump (which upgrades the height of the second jump), Strafe Jump (which offers better directional control of the second jump), and Triple Jump (which adds a third mid-air jump).


  • Arcstrider (Arc) - Their Arc Staff super ability conjures a staff of pure electrical energy, allowing them to be an agile melee powerhouse. Can path into either Way of the Warrior (which creates an aftershock on Arc Staff attacks) or Way of the Wind (which increases the player's general agility), Their Melee Ability is a pressure-point punch that either gives a temporary buff (Warrior) or disorient nearby enemies (Wind).
  • Gunslinger (Solar, unlocked after level 5+) - Their Golden Gun super ability conjures a flaming revolver with three extremely powerful shots. Can path into either Way of the Outlaw (which increases the Golden Gun ammunition) or Way of the Sharpshooter (which increases the Golden Gun duration on precision hits). Their Melee Ability is a throwing knife toss, which either detonate on impact (Outlaw) or recharge on precision kills (Sharpshooter).
  • Nightstalker (Void, unlocked after level 15+) - Their Shadowshot super ability conjures a bow-and-arrow shot of void energy that damages, ensnares and marks their enemies. Can path into either Way of the Trapper (which allow Shadowshot attacks to create ensnaring traps) or Way of the Pathfinder (which allows multiple Shadowshot attacks). Their Melee Ability is a smoke bomb toss, which either ensnares enemies (Trapper) or cloaks all nearby allies (Pathfinder).


The most durable class of the three, Titans are known for building the Wall that protects the Last City and can be recognized by their bulky armor, swept-back helmets, and marked sashes.

Their unique class ability is the Barricade, which allows them to form a temporary barrier of light that negates weapons. Players can choose from either Towering Barricades (tall barriers that offers better protection) or Rally Barricades (short barriers that can be peeked over by aiming down-the-sight, also instantly reloading the equipped weapon of allies behind it).

Their movement options involve the mid-air "Lift", which propels the Titan to the air and use jump-jets to hover down. These include High Lift (which upgrades the overall Lift height), Strafe Lift (which offers better directional control of the Lift), and Catapult Lift (which provides a quick Lift propulsion).


  • Sentinel (Void) - Their Sentinel Shield super ability conjures a wielded shield of void energy that can negate enemy attacks, be used to bash enemies, and be thrown at enemies as a boomerang. Can path into either Code of the Protector (which gives an option to create an impenetrable shielding dome instead) or Code of the Aggressor (which allows additional Sentinel Shield throws). Their Melee Ability either creates an overshield on all nearby allies after a kill (Protector) or instead unleash a devastating shield bash while sprinting (Aggressor).
  • Striker (Arc, unlocked after level 5+) - Their Fist of Havoc super ability supercharges the Titan's fists, allowing powerful melee dashes and ground slams. Can path into either Code of the Earthshaker (which allows more powerful Fist of Havoc ground slams) or Code of the Juggernaut (which extends the Fist of Havoc duration on kills). Their Melee Ability either unleash a shoulder slam while sprinting (Earthshaker) or automatically reload the Striker's weapon after striking (Juggernaut).
  • Sunbreaker (Solar, unlocked after level 15+) - Their Hammer of Sol super ability conjures flaming hammers that can be thrown at enemies. Can path into either Code of the Fire-Forged (which cause enemies to explode after being killed by the Hammer of Sol) or Code of the Siegebreaker (which create a unique aura on Hammer of Sol impacts that buff its user). Their Melee Ability either unleash a hammer strike while sprinting (Fire-Forged) or cause an explosion that burns nearby enemies (Siegebreaker).


The most arcane class of the three, Warlocks studied the Light of the Traveler through scholarly means and can be recognized by their robes, rounded helmets, and "bonds" (a special type of armband).

Their unique ability is the Rift, which allows them to conjure a temporary well of Light that continually buffs allies inside it. Players can choose from either Healing Rift (which heals them) or Empowering Rift (which increases their attack power).

Their movement options involve gliding in the air. These include Controlled Glide (which offers better directional control of the glide), Focused Burst (which provides an intial speed burst on the glide), and Balanced Glide (which provides a bonus to both speed and control of the glide). The Voidwalker sub-class is unique as it replaces the Focused Burst with Blink (allowing a quick teleportation effect).


  • Dawnblade (Solar) - Their Daybreak super ability conjures flaming swords that can be thrown at enemies. Can path into either Attunement of Sky (which give the ability to dodge in mid-air) or Attunement of Flame (which give the ability to dive down, causing a ground slam with Daybreak active). Their Melee Ability either recharges Class abilities on airborne kills (Sky) or cause an explosion on an enemy kill (Flame).
  • Voidwalker (Void, unlocked after level 5+) - Their Nova Bomb super ability conjures and hurls a giant ball of energy, disintegrating all enemies that are caught within its blast. Can path into either Attunement of Chaos (which adds a variety of devastating effects on the Nova Bomb and allows the user to consume super ability energy to empower their next grenade toss) or Attunement of Hunger (which adds a singularity effect to the Nova Bomb and allows the user to consume grenade energy for health). Their Melee Ability either recharges the user's grenade energy on striking an enemy (Chaos) or fully restores the user's health on killing an enemy (Hunger).
  • Stormcaller (Arc, unlocked after level 15+) - Their Stormtrance super ability conjures streams of lightning from their hands. Can path into either Attunement of Conduction (which allows the user to teleport during Stormtrance) or Attunement of Elements (which creates a devastating shockwave when casting Stormtrance and improves the user's Rift). Their Melee Ability has extended range and either chains to an additional target (Conduction) or recharges the user's abilities on striking an enemy (Elements).


Each player can equip three weapons on their loadout: two Primary weapons and one Power weapon. Unlike the original Destiny, where the two Primary weapon slots are based on the weapon type, Destiny 2 splits up the Primary weapon slots based on elemental type: Kinetic (non-elemental, replenished with white boxes) and Energy (either Arc, Solar, or Void, all replenished with green boxes). Kinetic weapons work best against unshielded enemies while energy weapons work best against shields of the same elemental type. Power weapons are always elemental and deal heavy damage at the cost of limited ammunition (replenished with purple boxes).

Like the original Destiny, weapons come in multiple rarities (including grey Commons, green Uncommons, blue Rares, purple Legendaries, and golden Exotics). Rarer weapons include additional perks and bonuses, including the ability to upgrade its level by "infusing" other weapons of that type. Unlike the original Destiny, perks are tied to the weapon and are not randomly generated (though some perks have options, such as the scope and magazine type).

New to the series is the ability to apply weapon mods (to change the elemental type of Energy weapons) and the ability to use Shaders to customize the weapon's appearance. Exotic weapons are unique in that they have a mandatory line of perks (including unique perks) and can only be customized using rare Ornaments.


  • Auto Rifle - Fully-automatic rifles/carbines with a slow rate-of-fire and strong impact. Preferred for short-to-mid range combat.
  • Hand Cannon - Semi-automatic revolvers with a slow rate-of-fire and strong impact.
  • Pulse Rifle - Battle rifles that fire in multi-round bursts (usually three). Preferred for mid-range combat.
  • Scout Rifle - Semi-automatic precision rifles. Preferred for mid-to-long range combat.
  • Sidearm - Semi-automatic handguns with a fast rate-of-fire and weak impact.
  • Submachine Gun - New to the series. Fully-automatic sub-machine guns with a very fast rate-of-fire.
  • Other - Some Exotic weapons have unique weapon types. This includes the Coldheart (an energy Trace Rifle that fires a continuous beam of energy, infuses with Auto Rifles) and the Fighting Lion (a single-shot energy Grenade Launcher that fires frag grenades, infuses with other Grenade Launchers).


All Power type weapons have a limited ammunition pool. On PvP modes, players start each life with no Power ammo and can only find ammo time-locked in random locations (always shown in the HUD). The kill feed also displays when an ammo is picked up, by who, and with what Power weapon type.

  • Fusion Rifle - Railgun that fires a barrage of bolts and must be charged prior to firing.
  • Grenade Launcher - New to the series. Either a semi-automatic launcher that launches frag grenades or a single-shot launcher that launches stun grenades.
  • Linear Fusion Rifle - New to the series. Semi-automatic precision railgun.
  • Rocket Launcher - Single-shot launcher that launches powerful rockets.
  • Shotgun - Pump-action shotguns for powerful close-quarters combat.
  • Sniper Rifle - Semi-automatic sniper rifle.
  • Sword - Used for close-ranged melee combat. When equipped, the game is played in a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective. Swords have a limited amount of ammunition for both attacking and the Sword Guard ability (which allows players to guard enemy attacks). Sword attacks are determined by their intristic perk, with most swords using an Uppercut Attack (Adaptive Frame perk) and only some rare swords using either a Dash Attack (Lightweight Frame perk) or a Slam Attack (Aggressive Frame perk). The main perks determine the balance between the attack's damage output and total ammunition and the balance between the Sword Guard's efficiency and defensive output.

The Crucible

Like the original Destiny, PvP multiplayer takes place in-universe in the Crucible. Unlike Destiny, all Crucible games are simplified and played in two team of four players. By completing Crucible matches, players can earn items and Crucible Tokens, which can be redeemed for special Crucible Engrams.


Unless otherwise specified, games are played in 4v4 and level advantages are disabled.


  • Quickplay - Low-intensity playlist with shorter matchmaking times. Uses the Clash, Supremacy, and Control modes.
  • Competitive - High-intensity playlist with longer matchmaking times. Uses the Survival and Countdown modes.


  • Trials of the Nine - Weekly endgame event that is unlocked after the player's character reaches Power level 260 and completes the Call to Arms milestone at least once. From Friday to Tuesday, players participate in a series of matches on that rotation's map and gametype choice. Unlike normal playlists, players must form their full fireteam before entering matchmaking and cannot modify their chosen loadout. Once the player's character reaches either 7 wins or 3 losses, that character can no longer participate in the event for that week. Depending on the amount of wins, the player can enter parts of an exclusive location (The Third Spire) to earn unique Trials gear and Trials Engrams (earned by obtaining Trials Tokens). Each match's introduction is extended and shows the loadout of all players individually (along with their chosen emote). Introduced on September 13, 2017.
  • Iron Banner - Seasonal endgame event where all matches use the rotation's gametype choice. Players also earn Iron Banner Tokens for unique Iron Banner gear. Introduced on October 10, 2017.

Game Modes

  • Clash - Standard Team Deathmatch. Teams earn points for eliminating enemy combatants.
  • Supremacy - Similar to Clash. However, killed players drop colored "crests" (blue for teammates, red for enemies) that must be picked up to score points. Picking up a teammate's crest denies the opportunity for the enemy team to score with it.
  • Survival - Similar to Clash. However, games are played in rounds and teams only have a limited amount of lives. Teams win rounds by depleting the enemy team of their life count and then eliminating them. If the round timer is depleted, the team with the most lives remaining wins the round.
  • Control - Similar to Clash. However, teams earn bonus points per kill for how many control points they claim. Each map has three control points, and each team starts with one control point controlled. Teams control the points by standing in that point's capture zone for an amount of time.
  • Countdown - Round-based asymmetrical assault mode where the Attacking team must prevent the Defending team from arming and detonating a central charge at one of two points in a specific time limit. Although players only have one life per round, they can be revived by teammates. Teams win rounds by either by eliminating the enemy team or by completing their objective.


  • Altar of Flame - Mercury (Caloris Basin)
  • Endless Vale - Nessus (Arcadian Valley)
  • Javelin-4 - Io (Warsat Launch Facility)
  • Legion's Gulch - Earth (European Dead Zone)
  • Midtown - Earth (The Last City)
  • The Dead Cliffs - Earth (European Dead Zone)
  • The Fortress - Earth (European Dead Zone)
  • Vostok - Earth (Felwinter Peak)
  • Retribution - Mars (Upper Startosphere). Currently exclusive to the PS4 version.
  • Emperor's Respite - Leviathan (Prison Barge). Added on September 13, 2017.
  • Eternity - Unknown Space. Added on September 15, 2017 and currently exclusive to the Trials of the Nine playlist.
  • Distant Shore - Nessus (Arcadian Strand). Added on October 10, 2017 and originally exclusive to the Iron Banner season 1 playlist. Remake of Shores of Time from the original Destiny.